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Is Pitch Deck Score for me?
Pitch Deck Score is designed for first or second-time founders of early-stage startups. If that’s you, and you want to quickly level up your pitch deck with highly focused feedback PLUS clear, actionable recommendations that'll take your pitch deck to the next level, then you’re in the right place.
What do I get?
You’ll get a 30-page PDF report with detailed feedback on your current pitch deck plus detailed, actionable recommendations on how to make it better. Your report will provide feedback and recommendations for your deck in general plus specific feedback and recommendations for each of the key 15 slides in your deck.
How does it work?
It’s a simple 3-step process. Step 1, You buy an access code on our secure Stripe page. Step 2, You spend 10-20 minutes answering around 50 questions about each key slide in your current deck. Step 3, We use your answers to provide a highly personalized 30-page report with specific feedback and recommendations for each of the key 15 slides in your deck.
How long does it take?
It usually takes about 10-20 minutes from the moment you buy your access code to the moment you start reviewing your personalized 30-page report. Most of your time will be spent answering our questions about your pitch deck.
How do you score my deck?
Our pitch deck expert has devised a simple letter grading system (A through F) that reflects the current state of each of the key slides in your deck based on our proprietary rubric for what we think you should include on each slide.
Which pitch deck slides do you score?
We focus on the core slides we believe should be part of every pitch deck: Cover, Investment Highlights, Team, Problem, Solution, Product, Competition, Business Model, Market Sizing, Traction, Growth Strategy, Product Roadmap, Financial Projections, Funding, and Contact.
How do you rank my deck?
Your ranking is based on our stack ranking of every pitch deck that has been scored on our site at the time that we score your deck. Your ranking may change over time as we score more decks.
Why should I bother?
You get one chance to make a first impression with investors. Why not invest a few hours in making sure you’re avoiding common mistakes and putting your best foot forward? You can spend thousands of dollars — and weeks of your time — working with an in-person pitch deck consultant. Or you can get the same feedback and recommendations in 20 minutes on Pitch Deck Score.
Will anyone see my pitch deck slides?
No. You simply answer questions about your current pitch deck and we take it from there. Your insights and ideas will remain private until you’re ready to share your deck with investors.
Will anyone see my pitch deck score and ranking?
No. Only you get the report with your pitch deck score and ranking.
How do I get the most value out of Pitch Deck Score?
Simple. Answer each question with complete honesty :)
Who’s your pitch deck expert?
Our pitch deck expert is Malcolm Lewis, founder of PitchDeckCoach. Malcolm is a pitch deck coach for early-stage startups. He spent 25 years as marketing exec or founder/CEO at 8 software startups. Those startups produced 6 exits including a $1B IPO and an $11B Secondary. Now he helps founders build clear, concise pitch decks that stand out and get funded. Pitch Deck Score is an easy way to get Malcolm’s expert feedback on your pitch deck for a fraction of the cost of 1:1 in-person consulting. You can follow Malcolm on LinkedIn where he frequently posts pitch deck hints and tips.
How is Pitch Deck Score better than other pitch deck feedback websites?
We think we provide deeper feedback and significantly more actionable recommendations than other sites that we’ve seen. That said, if you’re raising more than $100K, it would be prudent of you to get feedback from as many sources as possible before you start sending your deck out to investors.
Why isn’t it free?
Just like your startup, we’re a business, not a charity. We think we provide exceptional value for money when you compare our cost to the typical $250-500+ hourly rate of competent pitch deck consultants.
What’s the money back guarantee?
If you honestly feel that you didn’t derive any value from our feedback and recommendations, we’ll provide a full refund. So far, nobody has ever asked :)
Can someone help me implement the recommendations in my report?
Yes. You can hire our pitch deck expert, Malcolm Lewis, to work with you by the hour, or on a project basis to level up your pitch deck. More information here.
How do I get started?
Easy. Head over to our secure Stripe payment page and buy your access code. We look forward to helping you take your deck to the next level!

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